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Cedar Crest College offers a Low-Residency, Pan-European MFA in Creative Writing in three genres:fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Students may also choose to explore a dual-genre MFA by focusing on one genre during year one of the program and a different genre during year two, then completing a creative thesis and a critical essay that encompasses both genres.

Our MFA curriculum is craft-based, with genre-specific writing workshops and craft seminars comprising the residencies. A unique feature of our program, however, is its focus on creative writing as it relates to a sense of place. Thus, the residencies also include locale seminars, as well as scheduled field trips, lectures, and assignments specifically designed to inform and inspire writing through a study of the society, history, arts—in short, the culture—of each locale.

While students hone their skills in a particular genre, our program also provides cross-genre seminars as part of the curriculum. This enables students to derive effective writing strategies from a variety of genres and to investigate genres of writing that they may not otherwise have explored. Students may even find that the cross-genre approach invites more poetic language into their prose or enables them to create poetry that includes conventions employed by nonfiction writers.