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About this course

Whether you are already a certified teacher or are seeking initial certification in the field, the Master of Education at Cedar Crest College will provide you with engaging learning experiences in a variety of education topicsto enable you to meet the challenges of the 21st century classroom. Cedar Crest seeks students who have demonstrated academic and/or professional achievement and promise, as well as those who would bring varied interests, talents and backgrounds to the profession.

In this program, you will discover how to influence educational policy development and reform through leadership in political engagement and advocacy for children, families and the profession.

Program concentrations are designed to meet the needs of both the certified educational professional and the candidate seeking initial certification in elementary or secondary education. The three distinct options now offered are detailed below.

Art of Teaching Concentration
This program is designed to provide the teaching professional the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the field of education and explore new topics in a variety of educational disciplines. The student can opt to complete a thesis project within this program. The student may also incorporate add-on certifications (ESL, Special education and reading) into their program.