2 years
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USD 20,700
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USD 20,700
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About this course

This post-licensure, interdisciplinary degree helps prepare students for increasing complexities in the world of health care through a unique program of study that includes diverse subject matter.  

Capital University's master of science in nursing program prepares students for the complexities of health care in the 21st century by weaving nursing with the academic disciplines of business law, education, theology and advanced clinical practice to create a unique graduate nursing experience. 

Capital graduates are leaders at the interdisciplinary frontier of health care. Our graduate program: 

  • Incorporates holistic nursing with clinical care
  • Builds on the undergraduate competencies with a graduate core curriculum
  • Extends the planning and delivery of interdisciplinary education
  • Encourages leadership opportunities within healthcare systems and the community
  • Prepares RNs for mid level, upper level  and advanced practice positions within acute, chronic and community-based healthcare systems