2 years
Mar Sep
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USD 23,400
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USD 23,400
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About this course

Globalization is the mode of operation for many corporations in today's economy. Many business positions require knowledge of international business protocol. Business problems and issues require students to be prepared to work in the global environment. The Master of Science in International Business Program covers business areas including finance, marketing, economics, import/export, current issues, and economic and political environments of the regions of the world. 


  • To equip students with the theories, models and concepts appropriate to solving the problems they will face as managers in international business. 
  • To enable students to analyze and synthesize different theories, models and concepts being used in international business management. 
  • To prepare students to critically evaluate the applied value of different theories, models and concepts in addressing the problems facing managers operating in a global environment. 
  • To engage students in adopting a variety of analytical approaches to assess complex issues confronting managers in international business. 

Entry Requirements

  • Relevant qualifications accepted by the university.
  • Appropriate English Language qualifications.