2 years
Mar Sep
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USD 23,400
Foreign students
USD 23,400
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About this course

Managers and non-managers alike depend upon information for decision-making. To be useful, that information must be understandable, timely, thorough, focused, and distributed to the appropriate individual. Accomplishing all these is the challenge of the Information Systems discipline. In this Program, students acquire professional skills in the areas of computer systems, networks, communications, data analysis, and other skills needed by this expanding field of technology. 

  • To enhance the students' acquired knowledge on major organizational functions which support computer information systems. 
  • To empower the students in becoming proficient in the communication, human relations, and management skills which are critical to successful technology implementation and evaluation. 
  • To provide students with an acquired mastery of basic and advanced information systems approaches, methods and techniques, and their applications in a broad variety of organizational settings. 
  • To create a constant awareness among students on the ethical issues and the societal impacts of the Information Age. 

Entry Requirements

  • Relevant qualifications accepted by the university.
  • Appropriate English Language qualifications.