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California State University, Fresno

Fresno, California, United States

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Anonymous reviewer

3 years ago
"I love Fresno State University because of the environment on campus, Fresno State is a very safe place to be and as students we are always informed of what is going on in our surroundings, to keep us safe. Fresno State is a very spirited campus and there are always fun events to take part in, such as our many athletic programs, group events and etc., there is always something to do. Even though college is very hard, our teachers take it upon themselves to ensure we get a good education and are very good about replying to emails when we need help or have any questions and about staying later if we need to review a topic we are unsure about. Even the teachers who are not as good about that, we have assistance called SI sessions, which is free tutoring on campus that we can go to for many of our classes. Overall Fresno State is a great school to go to and I would recommend it to anyone."

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