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About this course

Upon completion of the diploma in Justice & Security Services, graduates will have gained a broad comprehension of the justice system. This program includes the study of the United States court systems, correctional organizations, law enforcement agencies, and both public and private security venues. Students will be provided with a survey of the skills and abilities necessary to adapt to the changing technology tools that are growing in use across the justice field such as digital crime, forensics and crime scene investigation.

Entry Requirements

International applicants must must submit the following documentation with the application materials:

  1. An original, official transcript from a secondary school or university which has been authenticated and evaluated by an authorized, independent third party chosen by Bryant & Stratton College, together with a notarized and certified translation if the document is recorded in a language other than English. Such translation is to be supplied by the applicant at the applicant’s expense. Employees of Bryant & Stratton College shall not be utilized to provide the required translations.
  2. Documentation of either a score of 500 or better on the traditional paper version of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or a score of 173 on the computerized TOEFL, or a passing score on Level 6 of the ASPECT English Language Proficiency. If required, International applicants will need to complete this evaluation before acceptance at Bryant & Stratton College. It is the applicant’s responsibility to set up all details of the TOEFL evaluation.