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Aug Jan
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USD 36,000
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USD 36,000
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About this course

Brescia will admit two MSW cohorts every fall; a full 2 year program for students who with a bachelor’s degree in another field and a 1 year advanced standing program for students who have completed a Bachelor of Social Work degree in the past five years.  Our specialization area is Advanced Generalist Practice.

Advanced Generalist social workers are able to do therapy, address complex problems, use evidence-based practice interventions, engage in scientific inquiry, and take leadership roles within their work environments and on behalf of the profession.

What You Should Know about Us:

  • All MSW classes are online and fifteen weeks long. There is no need to travel to Owensboro. (We would love to have you here for graduation, though!).
  • Weekly, evening, synchronous chats are required for all courses, so you will have virtual, real-time, face-to-face contact with all your professors.
  • The full MSW program is 60 credits, completed within 2 years.
  • Advanced Standing is 30 credits, completed in 1 year.
  • We are in Pre-Candidacy status with the Council on Social Work Education.
  • No GRE is required
  • Tuition for the 2016 MSW cohort was $600 per credit hour. Charges have not yet been set for the 2017 MSW cohort..

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Completion of Introduction to Social Work with a minimum grade of C (may be taken the summer before admission or concurrently with conditional acceptance).
  • Completion of a Statistics course, with minimum grade of C within the last 3 years (may be taken the summer before admission or concurrently with conditional acceptance).
  • GPA of 3.0 for last 60 hours earned, for full program; GPA of 3.2 for last 60 hours earned Advanced Standing.