2 years
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Tuition fee (entire course)
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USD 83,120
Foreign students
USD 83,120
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About this course

The M.F.A. in musical theater program is a comprehensive performance-based immersion into the theatrical art form, with an emphasis on musical theater, but also with a strong theoretical and practical focus on the fundamentals and practice of theater in general.

Upon completion of the M.F.A. in musical theater, students will be able to:

  • Perform, direct, and instruct others in the practice of theater—particularly theater that uses music—through comprehensive study and practice within the art form.
  • Utilize their understanding of historical and contemporary musical theater through analysis, performance, and pedagogical practice. 
  • Perform historical and contemporary theatrical works, informed by an in-depth study of acting, voice, speech, and movement.
  • Sing with a mastery of vocal technique in all styles of the musical theater repertoire, having sharpened their skills in musical theory, score analysis, and character interpretation. 
  • Demonstrate mastery and versatility in ballet and jazz to the highest level needed to support their professional work.
  • Perform and produce cabaret shows, create roles in new works of musical theater, and present themselves successfully to industry professionals.