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Blue Mountain College

United States
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About Blue Mountain College

The purpose of Blue Mountain College is to prepare students for graduate school, the job market, and a more fulfilled life. Providing a sound general education foundation, the College offers an undergraduate liberal arts curriculum, pre-professional and professional programs, and opportunities for graduate study in selected fields. The College is committed to offering programs which provide opportunities for service. Students who can benefit from the academic programs and student services at the College are recruited primarily from Mississippi and other southeastern states.

Blue Mountain College is committed to excellence and creativity in teaching and learning. With a faculty and staff who share a common bond of Christian faith and with all of the departments functioning in close proximity to each other, continuity exists among the various programs. Each student is encouraged to grow as an individual, to adjust to his/her own uniqueness, and to take advantage of opportunities for service.

Campus information

The campus consists of 44 acres and 14 main campus buildings.

Blue Mountain College, characterized by a serene and peaceful setting, is located in the Town of Blue Mountain, Mississippi, on Highway 15 - fifteen miles north of US 78 and 23 miles south of US 72, approximately 40 miles from Tupelo, and 75 miles from Memphis.


Blue Mountain College recognizes the experience of residential living as a valuable part of students’ education and opportunities abound each day for students to integrate their faith and their behavior as they develop a genuine respect for other students' needs and interests, build lifelong friendships, practice healthy communication/conflict resolution skills, and utilize leadership skills.

There are four residence halls:

Two women's residences:

  • Whitfield
  • Stevens. 

Two men's residence: 

  • Cockroft
  • Southplex


Courses available 10

Applied, Pure Sciences 1 Business, Management 1 Creative Arts & Design 2 Education and Teaching 2 English Language 1 Humanities & Social Sciences 2 Sports Science 1


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