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About Beverly Hills Design Institute


To provide an education of excellence that transforms unique creators into life-long professionals who design the world with the essence of Haute Couture.

Beverly Hills Design Institute was founded as a higher institution of learning to teach the principles and techniques of fashion that go above and beyond those ordinarily taught in the United States, by providing instruction combining European Haute Couture and American fashion. Unique to American fashion education, BHDI teaches Pattern Design and Fashion Design separately with faculty active in the industry.

Located at the heart of one of the Fashion and Entertainment centers of the World, in the prestigious Flynt Building in Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Design Institute offers innovative, challenging, and flexible fashion education programs that prepare a diverse student population for professional excellence in design, fashion, and business.


Beverly Hills Design Institute has set mission to serve employers, and their communities by preparing a diverse and qualified student population to become responsible professionals committed to lifelong learning and equipped with a firm academic foundation and career-specific competencies.

Beverly Hills Design Institute offers innovative, challenging, and flexible fashion education programs to enrich the community through creations that raise the level of originality, aesthetic, quality, intelligence and sophistication.

To achieve this goal, Beverly Hills Design Institute follows, conveys, and promotes the essence, principles, and concept of Haute Couture translated by the research of Beauty, Harmony, Elegance, Perfection, and Uniqueness.

The market place is becoming more diversified, specific, personalized, and fostering micro-markets that target individually clients with a growing need for products fitting better their unique personality.

Beverly Hills Design Institute responds to this demand by preparing exceptionally talented individuals to become highly specialized experts and life-long enterprising professionals, who are capable of critical thinking, problem solving, market analysis, and the business acumen to serve not only companies, at any level of their industry, but also to create their own brand, and develop the niche market that fits perfectly their unique creativity.

Beverly Hills Design Institute nurtures professionals with hands-on, student-centered programs and innovative teaching techniques focusing on student learning outcomes that develop confidence, sense of belonging and purpose.

As the result, Beverly Hills Design Institute constitutes a family of artists, designers, creators and leaders empowering each other, and dedicated to bring quality, values and prosperity to the community.

Innovative teaching style

Our teaching style is unique to America: We teach pattern design and fashion design separately to fulfill the Fashion Industry’s demand for highly specialized professionals.

Experiencing the Industry

Our Corporate Work Study Scholarship Program provides a unique combination of financial support, work experience (group of 5 motivated students who rotate their internship 1 day per week), individual mentoring, including hands-on experience, and specialized coursework to learn industrial techniques and students’ professional skills in the Fashion Industry.

“Debut” in the Industry

At the end of each degree program, Fashion Design and Pattern Design students join together to create the “Cell Manufacturing” and prepare a professional fashion show.

For Professional Designers and Pattern Designers

Our school is also the solution for the graduates and professionals who are dissatisfied with their education or feel the need to broaden their knowledge and refine their techniques and skills in order to set them apart in the competitive American and worldwide fashion industry.

Join the “Venture Group™”and become owner of your business

A “Venture Group”, consisting of Professionals from different fields of our Community and interested in investing in promising talent, offers our highly gifted Graduate students the opportunity to start their own business.

Become a member of the “Couture Guild International”

The Couture Guild International: Research, Support and Recognition Center.

The Couture Guild International is a Web based portal linking the design community and exposing their work to the General Public. It provides information to and about designers and their work, offering its members the opportunity to interact and share valuable resources.

What makes us unique

  • The only French Haute Couture Academy in the US.
  • The only school in the US, offering an AA and a BA in Pattern Design (Fashion Design and Pattern Design are taught separately like in Europe).
  • The only school offering 1/3 of its curricula in TRENDS, to learn how to recognize them, know their cycles and predict them. 
  • Our graduates are specialized in their academic fields to respond to the Fashion Industry need for expert professionals.
  • We are located in the Flynt Building in Beverly Hills, near the LACMA Museum and the inspiring Beverly Hills fashion district.
  • All our Degree and Certificate programs are ending with a fashion show and a Gala.

A Faculty combining tradition and business mind

  • Educated in the French Couture tradition.
  • Experts in business through their successful careers in the US.
  • Using individualized student centered teaching techniques in small classes. (an average of 10 students per class).
  • Focused to prepare the future graduates to become international professionals and take advantage of the European creativity, the American business mind and the Asian productivity.

Some Random Courses

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