2 years
Jan Aug
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USD 26,400
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USD 26,400
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About this course

Benedictine’s MBA program is an invaluable addition to your undergraduate degree, setting you apart in a competitive job market.

Our MBA program length is totally flexible and can be built around your schedule and desires. You could finish the entire program in one year (Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters) if you take classes full-time…or you could take two years to complete the program if you are working full-time or part-time.

Entry Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in any major from an accredited institution.
  • An indication of the capability to perform graduate course work, based on a combination of undergraduate GPA and GMAT scores. (The formula for admission is: 250 times the undergraduate GPA plus the GMAT score must equal 1100.)
  • International students must have completed the TOEFL with a minimum score of 550.
  • Successful completion of undergraduate courses in the following subjects: Financial Accounting, Economics, Finance, Statistics