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A trained medical scribe works in a medical office or hospital to capture patient health information, in real-time on a computer, during the patient’s medical exam by a physician. The medical scribe program will allow someone to work as a scribe, or give a medical assistant or a medical secretary the opportunity to receive advanced training in the documentation process within the electronic health record.

Students in the Medical Scribe program study: Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Medical Documentation for Scribes, Introduction to Medical Scribe, Advanced Medical Scribe, Medical Insurance, Billing & Coding, Medical Ethics & Law, Medical Office Procedures, and Electronic Information Systems in Healthcare. Students will also be required to take a variety of general education courses and related courses of study, as well as word processing and keyboarding courses. The student will complete a 160 externship in the field at the end of his/her program.