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About this course

The Museum Education programs prepare graduate students for two professional roles: that of a museum educator knowledgeable about children and schools, and/or that of a classroom teacher skilled in integrating museums and museum teaching methods into the classroom.

Your museum courses will emphasize the educational role and mission of museums and schools in a pluralistic society while your education courses will provide you with the necessary content and pedagogy about teaching and learning. Faculty are drawn from both teaching and museum backgrounds and include working museum professionals. The programs combine course and field experiences in both schools and museums.

You will discover that classrooms and museums are exciting places where children best when they are engaged in exploring the wonder of the world around them. Through fieldwork and course work, you will integrate theory and practice, building a sound foundation in human development, subject matter pedagogy, and the historical, philosophical and cultural contexts of contemporary education.

Entry Requirements

The criteria described here apply to applicants for all graduate degree programs. Applicants should consult specific degree program descriptions on this site for additional requirements and prerequisites. Bank Street College seeks applicants who demonstrate the following:

  • A GPA of 3.0 (B average) or higher in an undergraduate degree from a nationally accredited college or university.
  • An aptitude for completing graduate-level coursework and academic projects of substantial scope and depth, as well as a capacity for making positive contributions in their professional lives.
  • Sensitivity to others, flexibility, self-awareness, and a willingness and capacity to engage in self-reflection.
  • Positive interpersonal skills in relationships with both children and adults.
  • A healthy motivation and commitment to learning and to children.

Additional Admissions Criteria for Programs Leading to Certification

  • Programs leading to initial certification in New York State require that applicants meet breadth and depth distribution in the liberal arts and sciences, including depth of at least ten courses in one liberal arts and science major or area of concentration. Students missing a course prerequisite will need to complete any undergraduate or graduate level course in the subject(s) required, as outlined in the acceptance letter, within their first year at Bank Street.
  • Programs leading only to professional certification require that applicants have, or be working toward, New York State initial certification. Those who hold certification from a state having reciprocity with New York need to apply for New York State certification when applying to this program.

Additional Requirement:

  • Mature, self-aware and committed individuals who are excited about teaching and learning. There is an expectation of an ability and willingness to be reflective about one's own practices and work with children.
  • Excellent academic record and references.
  • Breadth and depth in courses in liberal arts and sciences as required by New York State Department of Education.

Additional Requirements:

  • Academic background or work experience in a museum discipline such as anthropology, art history, fine arts, history, or science.
  • Breadth and depth in courses in the liberal arts and sciences as required by New York State Dept. of Education (for those seeking the certification option).