9 months
Study mode
Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 49,800
Foreign students
USD 49,800
Other costs
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About this course

The Master of Science in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership (MSEL) is a nine-month, cohort-based program that prepares students to lead in the workplace and world with confidence, creativity, and a focus on social, economic, and environmental responsibility and sustainability.

The program consists of two, 14-week semesters during which students will take an integrated set of courses in marketing, economics, accounting, operations, management, finance, and strategy. To complement and support the coursework, students will participate in leadership activities and two experiential learning projects. 

While we welcome candidates from all undergraduate backgrounds such as liberal arts, business, engineering and many others, MSEL candidates should have a demonstrated educational or practical foundation in financial accounting, finance, statistics, and economics.