9 months
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USD 49,800
Foreign students
USD 49,800
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About this course

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) curriculum offers a unique blend of theory and practice taught by the same award-winning faculty who teach our top-ranked undergraduate and MBA programs.

The curriculum is designed to offer a large amount of flexibility and choice, while providing all students with specific core competencies in key finance areas. Babson’s MSF program provides unusual flexibility among MSF programs: One-half of the credits are required, but the other half can be designed by students based on interests and career paths.​ ​​

Students combine core course learning with five electives of their choice. At least 9 credits (generally three courses) of the elective courses must be finance courses (although all can be). Other courses are in accounting, statistics, or mathematics. Students are encouraged to consult with Finance faculty for advice in choosing courses appropriate to their desired educational and career path. Babson faculty are committed to student success and will provide individualized mentoring throughout the program. While we welcome candidates from all undergraduate backgrounds such as business, economics, engineering, liberal arts, and many others, MSF candidates should have a demonstrated educational or practical foundation in financial accounting, finance, statistics, and microeconomics.