2 years
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USD 60,908
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USD 60,908
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About this course

Augustana's master of professional accountancy program is designed as a four-plus-one degree to prepare students to enter the accounting industry.

The first three years of the program will be spent working at the undergraduate level with the fourth year designed as a transitional year with some graduate-level coursework. Students will spend their fifth year working at the graduate level.

Augustana’s master of professional accountancy program is designed to meet the requirements of the Certified Professional Accountant licensing exam in South Dakota and in most other states.

Entry Requirements

Submit your official transcripts showing proof of all previous college coursework to the Augustana Office of Admission, 2001 S. Summit Ave., Sioux Falls, SD, 57197. If you are or will be a graduate of Augustana University, obtain an unofficial copy of your transcript for review with the Business Administration Department.