2 years
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USD 40,932
Foreign students
USD 40,932
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About this course

With a core faculty of 12 internationally recognized artists and writers, an adjunct faculty of 21 and a total of 35 students, we have the highest faculty-to-student ratio of all comparable MFA programs. Students balance rigorous critical, academic and practical coursework with one-on-one studio visits with faculty.

We extend our reach internationally, inviting artists and writers―famous and infamous―as well as historians and philosophers for weekly seminars and our biannual conference series. Coming from and going to Europe respectively, our artist-in-residence partnership and student exchange program links us with institutions in Paris, Berlin and Cologne.

We provide students with individual studios and a fabrication shop, as well as access to public gallery spaces and project rooms, from the first term through graduation, when every graduating student mounts a final solo show.

Entry Requirements

  • Proof of English Language proficiency as required by the university.