2 years
Aug Jan
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USD 24,000
Foreign students
USD 24,000
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About this course

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Argosy University, Atlanta is designed to enhance your professional abilities and give you the skills sought by contemporary businesses. 

You can learn to identify challenges and opportunities, draw on the latest technology and information, use advanced analytical and planning approaches, and execute plans for leading positive change. You also can develop competencies through focusing on critical thinking, persuasive communications, technical knowledge, and a deep understanding of the human side of business. 

Entry Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution, a nationally accredited institution approved and documented by the dean of the Graduate School of Business and Management, or an appropriately certified foreign institution.
  • A grade point average (GPA) on a scale of 4.0 as described below. Additional requirements may apply. 
    • 2.7 GPA for the bachelor's degree;
    • 3.0 GPA for the last 60 hours of coursework (including graduate work);
    • Between 2.0 and 2.7 for the bachelor's degree. Students admitted with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.7 must demonstrate 3 years of professional experience in business, industry, or a non-profit organization. Professional experience will be evaluated by the department chair or the department chair designee to ensure relevancy.