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Aug Jan
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About this course

The Anderson University MBA is delivered in multiple formats, each uniquely designed around the needs and expectations of different groups of individuals. Despite for- mat differences, each offering remains true to the guiding principles of rigor and relevance, and all offerings are recognized as being premier difference-makers.

Professional Program — Designed for the working professional, this program is offered in Anderson and multiple learning locations in the Indianapolis area. Students are part of a cohort that normally meets one night a week. The program can be completed in only 22 months.

In addition to a traditional, broad-based 37-credit-hour curriculum, individuals in this program may earn a concentration in one of eight areas by adding an additional four credit hours (a total of 41 hours). The eight possible areas of concentration are 1) accounting, 2) finance, 3) human relations, 4) international business, 5) leadership, 6) marketing, 7) new venture development, and 8) project management. 

Entry Requirements

Professional MBA

  1. A completed Professional MBA program application form.
  2. At least two years work experience.
  3. Official academic transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended.
  4. Three recommendations testifying to capabilities and probability of future success.
  5. Prerequisites require evidence of competency by undergraduate coursework in all of the following: accounting or finance, economics, statistics or calculus, management or marketing, computer science or information systems.
  6. Evidence of academic ability through an undergraduate GPA above 3.0, or a satis- factory score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)