3 years
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USD 11,700
Foreign students
USD 11,700
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About this course

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies is a degree that offers a specialization in the Bible, its world, and its interpretation. Crucial to this program is the student’s ability to become sufficiently acquainted with the Hebrew and Greek languages to use them as basic linguistic tools in this undertaking. The student may also choose Aramaic and Akkadian (for Old Testament concentration) to aid further investigation into the interpretation of Scripture. There is heavy emphasis on scholarly biblical research in this degree track to provide for the educational development of qualified persons to be effective Christian ministers and church leaders, especially as teachers and scholars who will use their gifts and knowledge in proclaiming the gospel, strengthening the church, and serving humanity.

One very important goal is for the student to develop a professional, scholarly approach to interpreting the Bible. If this goal is attained, this program provides a proper foundation for students to pursue the Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies offered by Amridge University, as well as be equipped to teach on the college or university level. The MA program is open to applicants who hold the BA or BS degree.

The one and only major for this program is Biblical Studies. A student may specify an area of concentration by earning 15 semester hours of courses in either Old Testament Studies or New Testament Studies. In that case, one Testament would be the student’s major, while the other would be classified as the student’s minor.

Entry Requirements

International applicants

  • An official copy of all academic transcripts, to include transcripts of secondary schools attended, in the original language must be accompanied by an official English version. 
  • Where English is not the native language, applicants are required to demonstrate spoken and written English language proficiency.  This is done by submitting qualifying scores on either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or an approved equivalent per the scores for undergraduate (i.e., associate and bachelor degrees) and graduate (i.e., master and doctorate degrees).
    • A minimum total score of 65, with minimum scores in each section at the first step of the intermediate or fair levels, as follows:
      • Reading (intermediate): 15
      • Listening (intermediate): 15
      • Speaking (fair): 18
      • Writing (fair): 17