2 years
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USD 20,406
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USD 20,406
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About this course

The Dental Laboratory Technician program at Ameritech College of Healthcare stresses the importance of producing a high quality product and at a high quantity of work, both of which are necessary to become gainfully employed as a Dental Laboratory Technician.

Graduates of the program are prepared for the crown and bridge and ceramics portion of the Recognized Graduate (RG) test offered by the National Board for Certification (NBC) of the National Association of Dental Laboratories. After three years of on-the-job experience, the RG may sit for a specialty written exam and take the NBC practical exam. A passing grade on these two exams earns RGs the Certified Dental Technician (CDT) credential.

Entry Requirements

Dental Laboratory Technician applicants must complete and receive a passing score on a dexterity and aptitude exam.

A prospective student who does not pass the dexterity and aptitude exam may retake the exam after 30 days; however, the test may only be taken twice per semester.

  • This exam may be taken at the Draper campus at no cost to the applicant. 
  • Passing exam scores are valid for one year from the date administered.
  • Any exceptions must receive the written approval of the Program Director.