AAS - Complementary Alternative Medicine

American College of Healthcare Sciences
United States
Associate Degree
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Required Course

  • College Writing, Research Literacy & Critical Thinking
  • English Composition I Online
  • English Composition II Online
  • Anatomy & Physiology I Online
  • Anatomy & Physiology II Online
  • Anatomy & Physiology III Online
  • Personal & Community Health / Nutrition, Bodycare & Herbalism / OR Introduction to Nutrition
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy Online
  • Aromatherapy I Online
  • Basics of Herbalism Online
  • Herbal Studies Online
  • Holistic Nutrition Online
  • Holistic Pathophysiology Online
  • Holistic Pathology & Protocols Online
  • Healthcare Terminology Online
  • Holistic Health Consulting & Business Skills Online
  • Introduction to Psychology Online


  • Aromatherapy II Online
  • Aromatherapy III Online
  • Aromatherapy Chemistry Online
  • Herbal Materia Medica I Online
  • Herbal Materia Medica II Online
  • Herbal Materia Medica III Online
  • Personal & Community Health Online
  • Dynamic Phytotherapy Online
  • Energetic Modalities I: Flower Essences Online
  • Historical Modalities I: Iridology Online
  • Energetic Modalities II: Homeopathy Online
  • Topics in Holistic Nutrition Online

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