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Historians study, analyze, and interpret the facts and timelines of the past. They use any recorded source of information to perform this task, including government records, newspaper articles, photographs, institutional records, articles from periodicals, interviews, films, personal diaries, and letters. Most historians have a specialty. This specialty could include a particular state or country, a certain time, or a particular person or group of persons (such as a presidential historian). A historian may also specialize in a less tangible field such as intellectual, cultural, political, or diplomatic history. 

The Associate of Arts degree in History is intended to provide you with the first two years of general requirements and a foundation in History that will prepare you for transfer to a 4-year college or university. 

Only a small percentage of history majors go on to be professional historians. Instead most go on to become lawyers, librarians, businesspersons, writers, archivists, researchers, teachers, politicians, and even entertainers. Leaders in every industry, from business to the arts, can point to their training as history majors as the starting point for their success. Indeed, historical study plays an important part in fostering well-rounded intellectual development as well as developing valuable career skills in research, writing, argumentation, and documentation.