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About this course

The Master of Science in Glass Science at Alfred University seeks to produce graduates who can immediately enter positions throughout industry and government laboratories or continue to a Ph.D. in glass, materials science, or biomaterials. Entering students should ideally have a B.S. degree in some area of materials science, physics, chemistry, or, if interested in biological applications of glass, biology. Students from other backgrounds will be considered, but may be required to take specific courses from our undergraduate program to correct deficiencies before beginning their graduate program. Students seeking a terminal M.S. degree should have a strong interest in the application of science to solving problems. 

Entry Requirements

he program is open to qualified students holding B.S. degrees in chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering programs in materials, ceramics, glass, polymers, or biomaterials. It is also possible for graduates in other engineering programs, e.g. EE, to qualify for admission. Ideally, applicants should present evidence of undergraduate-level competence in chemistry, physics, and math through differential equations, with some experience with materials science, including the mechanical, thermal, and electrical behavior of solids. Some knowledge of the structure of solids is also desirable. Applicants without the required background will also be considered for admission, but may have to take pre-requisite courses before enrolling specific graduate classes. Acceptance is based on the candidate’s prior academic record, work experience, potential for growth, and the availability of space in the program.