4 years
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USD 107,536
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USD 107,536
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About this course

Applicants to the Ceramic Art program must indicate a commitment to working with ceramic materials and processes. The Ceramic Art program embraces all aspects of ceramic art that pursue inquiries into utility, pottery, the vessel, sculpture, the figure, architectural application, the decorative, installation and performance. The MFA program in Ceramic Art at Alfred University has a distinguished history as a premier institution for education in the arts. The program’s curriculum, facilities, and environment foster the pursuit of visual and verbal expression, technical innovation and intellectual access to personal growth. The graduate program in the Division of Ceramic Art is an intense studio-based experience that stresses the development of concepts through making; the faculty aim to provide the highest caliber of education for students whose talents and aspirations are primed to flourish. The launch of the student’s emergence into the professional art community is the thesis exhibition and articulated defense of the work’s premise. 

Entry Requirements

Applicants for admission should hold the baccalaureate degree with the equivalent of sixty credit hours in studio courses. A portfolio of completed works could be considered the equivalent of some studio courses.