4 years
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USD 107,536
Foreign students
USD 107,536
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About this course

The Alfred University MBA program focuses on critical thinking, teamwork, and decision making. Students are enrolled in either the general business administration MBA or a specialized accounting track. Our cohort model builds a sense of community among MBA students, and offers opportunities for close engagement with faculty and peers. The curriculum has a special focus on enterprise resource planning (ERP). An ERP system (used by many Fortune 500 companies) is an integrated enterprise-wide software to operate business processes in an efficient manner. Simulations and computer applications are embedded across MBA courses, familiarizing students with the SAP enterprise resource planning software suites. 

Entry Requirements

1. Official undergraduate transcripts.

2. Two letters of recommendation from either employers or college professors, whichever is appropriate. Forms are available through the Office of Graduate Admissions, or on-line, for your convenience.

3. Personal statement of graduate educational objectives

4. Resume

5. Graduate Management Admissions Test. The GMAT is not required for MBA application. The GMAT may be required for applicants whose profile needs supplemental information to establish their readiness for graduate study in business.