Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley
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A core acupuncture series that teaches the locations and functions of acupuncture points along the twelve regular channels, the Ren (Conception) and Du (Governing) extraordinary vessels, and the pathways, characteristics, and functions of the regular channels, extraordinary vessels, muscle channels, divergent channels, and cutaneous regions. Also presents the actions and indications of points, concepts related to the five elements, yuan-source points, luo-connecting points, xi-cleft points, alarm points, the shu-connecting points of the back, influential points, window of the sky points, and ghost points.

Advances development in the safe and efficacious application of Oriental Medicine by teaching the art and science of acupuncture techniques and other treatment modalities including moxibustion, cupping, gua sha spooning, and electrical stimulation.

Provides and overview of the variety of acupuncture therapies applied to effect change within the body while also preparing students for the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam (CALE).

Acupuncture Therapy: 
Focuses on the core tenets of Japanese hari acupuncture, which features a highly sophisticated system of protocols and techniques that release stagnant conformations through subtle manipulations of the body’s neuro-endocrine system.

Acupuncture Therapy: 
Further develops the instruction of Japanese hari acupuncture to include more advanced diagnostic and treatment methods, point combinations, and orthopedic techniques.

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