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Training in acupuncture begins in the first trimester with the first of four classes in the Acupuncture Channels and Points series covering the jing-luo system of channels and vessels that transport qi in the body. Students are introduced to the locations and functions of acupuncture points along the twelve regular channels, the Ren (Conception) and Du (Governing) extraordinary vessels, and the pathways, characteristics and functions of the regular channels, extraordinary vessels, muscle channels, divergent channels, and cutaneous regions.

The second trimester incorporates the art of acupuncture in the first of three classes in the Acupuncture Techniques series, which also covers moxibustion, cupping, gua sha spooning, warm needling, ear/scalp needling, and electrical stimulation (with an emphasis on safety). The first of the four-part Acupuncture Therapy series in the fourth trimester focuses on acupuncture treatment strategies. Students master classic TCM point-selection strategies, Master Tung-style acupuncture, extraordinary vessels, and attend a two-class series on Japanese-style acupuncture diagnosis and treatment.

Beginning in the seventh trimester, the Oriental Clinical Medicine series (which consists of four classes) engages students in classic TCM acupuncture approaches to treating different types of medical conditions. Students review and test their acupuncture knowledge in the tenth trimester with Advanced Case Studies and AOM Review classes.