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About this course

  • ACU was one of the first graduate social work programs in the nation to emphasize an evidence-based practice curriculum.
  • Very high level of academic rigor and one of the less than 5% of M.S.S.W. accredited programs that requires a master's thesis.
  • Program available through ‘remote learning’ for advanced year placements and coursework. Classes scheduled conveniently for one day per week (advanced year) or two days per week (foundation year).
  • Fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). One of the few CSWE accredited M.S.S.W. programs that integrates faith into the social work curriculum.
  • Prepares graduates to be competent practitioners who are able to incorporate their faith and best evidence into practice.
  • Collaborative opportunities between faculty and students take place through clinical research, presentations, and publication.