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About this course

This outstanding course, as confirmed by students, schools and Ofsted (2008 and again in 2010), has been designed in partnership with local primary schools to meet the requirements for Postgraduate Teacher Education.


Study PGCE Primary


Our recent outstanding Ofsted report recognised ‘the strength of the partnerships with schools and colleges’. It will prepare you to teach across the primary age range and in all National Curriculum subjects. You will be equipped to meet the National Standards for the Award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) upon successful completion of the course. Before commencing, you will decide whether you wish to focus on teaching Early Years (pupils 3 to 7 years old), or Early/Later Years (pupils 5 to 11 years old) within the PGCE programme.


This course includes a significant Professional Pedagogy and Management element which covers the role of the professional teacher, the child as learner and wider issues associated with school and society, in particular the Every Child Matters agenda. You will develop an advanced understanding of child development and classroom relationships, as well as the skills in classroom organisation, management, assessment, recording and reporting that are essential to effective teaching. Ofsted 2010 recognised ‘trainee’s ability to critically reflect and improve their practice’.


Core subject modules will prepare you to teach English, Mathematics and Science in Key Stages One and Two, and, especially in the case of Advanced Early Years students, in nursery and reception classes. Foundation subjects and Religious Education are also covered.


School experience is a substantial and integral part of the course from the first term, through both serial and block practice, with further experience in Terms Two and Three. In total, of the 38 weeks of the course, 18 will be spent in schools. There are opportunities to undertake placements in a SEN school or as part of a Modern Languages overseas placement programme. Trainees undertaking a Modern Languages pathway are expected to participate in our overseas programme.


Inclusive Education

Throughout the course there is an emphasis on inclusive education, with particular reference to managing behaviour and special needs. You will also have the opportunity to further your knowledge, understanding and skills in an area of primary education through a Masters level extended study from a chosen option range of curriculum areas.


Extended subjects offered include all the National Curriculum subjects as well as Languages, ICT, RE, Special Educational Needs, Advanced Early Years and Outdoor Learning. Candidates apply for the course selecting which of these they would like to develop as their Extended Subjects, based on their qualifications and/or experience. From time to time there are opportunities for other specialised placements in schools.


You will be involved in assessing your teaching skills and competence as they develop through the use of a Professional Development Profile to which teachers and tutors will also contribute.


At the end of the course you will be advised about your first year in teaching through the Career Entry and Development Profile, as part of your Continuing Professional Development.