1 year
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 12,682
GBP 9,000
Foreign students
USD 12,682
GBP 9,000
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About this course

This course is for students who want to improve their English before studying a postgraduate degree in the UK.

The International Pre-Masters Diploma is a one year or half-year full-time course.

The course provides intensive study of the English language, combined with an introduction to study skills, to chosen subject studies, and to British life and institutions. You will study modules that will raise your general and academic English level, and prepare you for a Masters course in the Business School by giving you confidence and deeper understanding in English for academic purposes, study and research skills, British life and culture and business.

You can study over two semesters, or can opt for a fast-track one-semester course if your level of English is higher.

Successful completion of this course guarantees entry onto a postgraduate programme in the Business School here at the University of Worcester.