2 years
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 12,682
GBP 9,000
Foreign students
USD 12,682
GBP 9,000
Other costs
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About this course

This course, now in its third year, is designed to help people to reflect on what it is to be a Christian disciple and how to encourage and support others in their Christian journeys.

The emphasis of the certificate will focus on practical matters such as how to be an effective disciple and an ambassador of the Kingdom of God; mission, including witnessing beyond the church; helping others in their walk with God; Christian Spirituality; and core modules such as Working with the New Testament, Working with the Old Testament and developing modern Study Skills. 

The course is open to everyone and will consist of six taught modules and two locally based independent studies. The certificate will take two years to complete. However, it may be possible to give credit to prior learning as appropriate. The course consists of one module per term in a combination of Saturday morning sessions and one residential weekend depending on the style, content and purpose of each module (dates available on the training pages of the Hereford Diocesan website). The independent study units will run alongside the ‘taught’ sessions.