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About this course

If you have a feel for working in three dimensions, in a variety of materials, and have a creative flair you will find this course suits you. Design and Technology is an exciting, diverse subject and part of the National Curriculum. It is a subject where intellectual planning meets practical applications, where you must identify a need and then design and manufacture products to meet that need.

Design and Technology at the University of Wolverhampton focuses on two of the areas of Design & Technology: Materials Technology - designing and making in wood, metal and plastics - and Electronics and Communications Technology - working with electronics, mechanisms and pneumatics.

Entry Requirements

As well as a UK-recognised Honours degree or equivalent in an appropriate subject and GCSE Grade C or above, or equivalent, in English and mathematics, substantial knowledge and practical competence within Materials Technology and/or Electronic and Communications Technology must be demonstrated. A high level of confidence in any of the following areas would be suitable:

Product design

Electronic Engineering

3D Design


If you have a related background however (i.e. it may not match exactly to the above), an additional subject enhancement course is available.

You must have some experience in teaching and working with children in an educational setting, this can be paid or voluntary work.

Interview and Selection

Once your application has been forwarded to subject staff, your suitability is individually assessed. If you appear suitable, you will be offered an interview where you are required to sit a short subject specific interview/ examination.

The main purpose of the interview is to:

ive you an insight into the nature of the course, the teaching profession and to assess your commitments to it

explore your subject strengths and areas for development

assess your ability to communicate effectively in spoken and written English

arrange a partnership school visit as necessary

answer all of your questions