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About this course

The aim of the Doctor of Education programme is to develop new knowledge and original thinking, as well as advanced understanding, skills and professional values in educational practitioners. Our Doctorate in Education is a high-quality form of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training that enhances the professional practice and expertise of all participants.

Graduates of the Doctorate in Education are able to take a leading role in developing excellence and leadership in learning, teaching and/or student development in educational establishments. Their CPD training prepares them to engage in research/educational enquiry, and critical reflection and will also undertake critical analysis of literature, theory and practice in both education and teaching and learning.

There are two possible routes that your professional development can take on the Doctor of Education programme:

The Educational Enquiry Route is designed to be a more traditional academic research programme. This is ideal CPD training for those moving towards a career in education research or to bring research values and practices to the workplace.

The Professional Practice Route of our do

Entry Requirements

To enter the Doctorate in Education you must have Master's qualification in education or a closely related field, plus at least three years teaching experience or other work in support of student learning.

All doctorate degree applicants will be expected to be currently engaged in, or have suitable access to, an appropriate field of practice in an educational setting that can be used for the purposes of Doctor of Education training. It will be each participant's responsibility to maintain access to a working environment to allow progression through the Doctorate in Education programme.