3 years
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USD 17,290
GBP 12,270
Foreign students
USD 55,783
GBP 39,585
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About this course

This programme offers a combination of taught courses in the 1st year and careful supervision throughout the course; students are matched with a suitable supervisor, with the aim of helping to produce a thesis that makes a significant and original contribution to the discipline.

PhD and MPhil research projects in sociology can be supervised by any of the Sociology team in the School of Government and Society (see the link to research interests below). Although students wishing to undertake postgraduate research in sociology need to register for a PhD or MPhil in Politics / IR the research undertaken will be sociological and will be supervised by a sociologist. The Sociology team have specialist research knowledge in the areas of social theory, feminism and post-feminism, political sociology, celebrity, religion and the philosophy of the social sciences.

Entry Requirements

To gain admission to a research degree programme an applicant must comply with the following entry requirements:

  • Attainment of an Honours degree (normally a First or Upper Second Class Honours degree or equivalent) in a relevant subject awarded by an approved university, or
  • Attainment of an alternative qualification or qualifications and/or evidence of experience judged by the University as indicative of an applicant’s potential for research and as satisfactory for the purpose of entry to a research degree programme.

In addition:

  • Admission and registration for a research degree programme may be conditional on satisfactory completion of preliminary study, which may include assessment.
  • In some cases you will also need to have completed a Masters degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant subject.

Please note

  1. Entry onto many programmes is highly competitive, therefore we consider the skills, attributes, motivation and potential for success of an individual when deciding whether to make an offer.
  2. Specific entry requirements are given for each programme. Any academic and professional qualifications or industrial experience you may have are normally taken into account, and in some cases form an integral part of the entrance requirements. If your qualifications are non-standard or different from the entry requirements stated in the online prospectus, please contact the relevant school or department to discuss whether your application would be considered.
  3. After we have received your application you may, if you live in the UK, be invited for an interview or to visit us to discuss your application.