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About this course

So what is Biology? Put simply, it is the study of life and all the wonder that surrounds it. Through a variety of teaching methods such as: taught lessons, peer teaching, group work and a range of activities, your understanding of the implications of modern Biology will be developed along with the importance of understanding environmental, ethical, and social issues and their consequences.

Throughout the course you will get the chance to part take in a number of fantastic opportunities, such as; annual health visits to Heath Hospital, attendance at the Wales Gene Park conferences and workshops alongside a number of talks by expert guest speakers.  Students may also receive the opportunity to study animal behaviour at the renowned, Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo during their AS year.

Through a number of practical activities including, genetic engineering, food testing, heart and kidney dissection, chromatography, respiration in insects and plants and bacterial experiments, we aim to give our students the confidence and knowledge in this subject to progress into their chosen field.

Entry Requirements

  • Five GCSEs at Grade C or above (may include 1 relevant equivalent) to include:
    • Grade B or above in subject or related subject
    • Each application considered on individual merit
    • Entry is subject to interview
    • Federation learners will be admitted as normal after satisfying the entry requirements of their own school
  • Applicants to this course will need GCSE Science at grade BB or GCSE Biology at grade B as well as GCSE Maths at grade C