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About this course

This course enables health care professionals to develop the knowledge and skills to practice as prescribers and to meet the standards set by the respective professional/regulatory body as required within the legislative framework

Entry Requirements

Students will have:

  • Registration with the appropriate professional/regulatory body (NMC, RPSGB, PSNI or HPC)
  • Appropriate experience in the area of practice in which they will be prescribing
  • The ability to study at academic Masters level (a first degree or at least 5 years working experience in health care)
  • At least 2 years post-registration clinical experience (pharmacists)
  • Support from the sponsoring organisation confirming service need and access to appropriate supervised practice, and a prescribing budget to meet the costs of prescriptions on completion of training.
  • A named designated medical practitioner who will facilitate, supervise and support the student during their clinical placement