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Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
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About Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) is a British university located in North West England. The headquarters and central campus are in the city of Manchester, and there are additional facilities in the county of Cheshire. It is the sixth largest university in the United Kingdom in terms of student numbers. The university has its roots in the Manchester Mechanics' Institution (1824) and the Manchester School of Design (1838). Manchester Metropolitan became a polytechnic in 1970 and then an university in 1992. 

The University is arranged into eight faculties such as Faculty of Business and Law, Cheshire campus, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care, Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Hollings Faculty, and Manchester School of Art. The courses offered are Business and management, accounting, philosophy and politics, art and design, biology, environmental science, material science, psychology, education and English. 

The university has ranked fourth of the research-active new universities in attracting funds from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). In the 2001 RAE, Exercise and Sports Science research team were judged 'world class', achieving the top mark available 5, signifying international excellence. Seven other fields of research were awarded 4, the standard of national excellence. MMU’s vision is to become the UK’s leading university for world-class professionals. The vision will continue to develop within the changing environment of higher education.

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