1 year
Feb Oct
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USD 23,154
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About this course

The course is aimed at students who are interested in interior design and who want to understand technical and constructional aspects of interior spaces, the methodologies of elaborating the concept of a project and its appropriate representation. The approach is creative, artistic and intuitive; it is not only technical. The fundamentals of the course are aimed at providing knowledge of various interior styles, the study of solutions in furnishing, the materials used and the various possibilities in fabrics; patterns, colors and shades. In the first part of the course the necessary basics will be introduced for the understanding and definition of the style of an interior design project. Project analysis of internal spaces will run parallel with the study of technical layout and graphic design. The programme favours an approach to the design concept of a project for the interior space in a private dwelling and the analysis of a fashion brand in the context of fashion and luxury. Learning outcomes include:

  • manage a sketchbook of research aimed at developing a project, import the necessary images for the presentation of a moodboard, color charts, paper materials, project layout;
  • describe an interior design project through technical drawing in Autocad and sketch freehand perspectives of the design proposal;
  • interpret in concept boards the trend, mood and technical aspects of contemporary project work for residential spaces;
  • develop an interior design project, translating the DNA of a chosen brand into the retail outlet with innovative furnishings through appropriate design methodologies;
  • propose the mood and architectonic solutions for a selected public space, faithful to planning restrictions. 

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must have a high school diploma. 
  • Academic references and titles is the key requirement.
  • All non-mother tongue students will need to have at least a basic knowledge of the language spoken in the selected course.