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About this course

This course is aimed at people considering a career in guidance, or who are already working in a careers guidance role, who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills. Our course leads to a nationally recognised and professional qualification in guidance. Successful graduates receive a dual award, the Professional Diploma awarded by the University and the Qualification in Career Guidance (QCG) awarded by the Institute of Career Guidance. Whilst the skills and abilities are transferable to a wide range of settings, the QCG will equip you to support people to make life changes and decisions about options such as education, training and employment. 

If you are interested to learn more about the sector and career opportunities, then see the website of the Institute www.icg-uk.org

We aim to equip you with the: 
* confidence and practical skills necessary to become an effective guidance practitioner. 
* knowledge and understanding required to inform your practice and encourage a high level of professionalism. 
* ability to work as part of a team and meet the demands of the workplace. 
* ability to reflect on your practice and identify development needs.

More generally we aim to produce practitioners who are highly committed to their work, ethical and professional in their dealings with others and who have a deep interest in the well-being of their clients

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements
You should normally hold a degree or equivalent. However applicants with other qualifications or with other relevant experience are encouraged to apply and if selected you will be required to provide some written evidence which is used to assess whether you will cope with the academic demands of the course.