Actuarial Science BSc

Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh
Leicester, United Kingdom
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
4 years
Total tuition fee (local)
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Total tuition fee (foreign)
USD 67,252

Entry Requirements

The University offers as its normal entry routes:

  • entry at Level 1, mainly for students with Scottish Highers (or similar)
  • entry at Level 2, mainly for students with A-levels (or similar).

There is nevertheless considerable flexibility, depending on the level of qualifications, for entrants with A-levels to opt to enter at Level 1 and for Scottish students to enter at Level 2. Direct entry into Level 3 is also possible for students who already have certain HE qualifications.

Level 1 entry

  • Highers: AAAB including Mathematics at A
  • A-Levels: ABB including Mathematics at A
  • Int. Baccalaureate: 28 points with higher level Mathematics at 6

Level 2 entry

  • A-Levels: AAB including Mathematics at A
  • Advanced Highers: ABB including Mathematics at A plus excellent Highers or Scottish Baccalaureate
  • Int. Baccalaureate: 30 points with higher level Mathematics at 7


Level 1

  • Introduction to Statistical Science;
  • Calculus;
  • Algebra;
  • Professional Development Planning;
  • Finance; Economics
  • and practical work.

Level 2

  • Probability and Statistics;
  • Actuarial and Financial Mathematics;
  • Linear Algebra;
  • Real Analysis;
  • Multivariate Calculus;
  • Introduction to Numerical Methods
  • and practical work.

Level 3

  • Financial Mathematics;
  • Survival Models;
  • Portfolio Theory;
  • Life Insurance Mathematics;
  • Applied Statistics;
  • Stochastic Processes
  • and a project.

Level 4

  • Risk Theory;
  • Financial Risk Management;
  • Pension Funds;
  • Life Office Practice;
  • Financial Economics;
  • Further Stochastic Processes;
  • Bayesian Inference
  • and other statistical topics.

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