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About this course

This course is for students who are interested in gaining the full A level in Physics and applying to university to study physical sciences or engineering/maths/medical/finance/computing & game development based courses. Students could continue studies and gain valuable experience in H.E including volunteering opportunities, work placements and different employment opportunities such as self employment, freelancing or becoming an employer. They will learn in a huge and dedicated physics laboratory, where you will gain the knowledge of how to safely carry out very interesting practical experiments to explore the physical world. They will also be able to access exciting sites on the internet and the college intranet via a suite of computers in the lab as well as the learning centre.


Entry Requirements

Admission requirements include:

  • 5 GCSEs grade A* - C at first attempt, which must always include at least a grade C in English and maths, and a minimum grade B in one of the following or similar subjects: GCSE English literature, history, sociology, or psychology.
  • All GCE A Level subjects require a grade B in relevant specific GCSEs.
  • For STEM subjects, a double or triple science GCSE will be required at Grade B or above.
  • A good reference may also be required.
  • Overseas applicants without equivalent qualifications will be tested.
  • Most subjects will require subject specific GCSEs and these will be specified at course level.