Education (BA)

Cardiff University
United Kingdom
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
3 years
Total tuition fee (local)
USD 34,866
Total tuition fee (foreign)
USD 54,235

Entry Requirements

  • A-level: ABB-BBB, excluding General Studies;
  • WBQ: Advanced Diploma Pass in the Core and grades AB or BB at GCE A-level dependent upon offer;
  • Int Bacc: 32-34 points.


In Year One, all students take three core modules:

Education and Society: this covers the role of education in society, the changing nature and management of educational institutions, and the wider impact of education policies.
Introduction to Psychology: this provides an introduction to the psychology of social life.
Introduction to Social Science Research: an introduction to the principles and skills that underpin social science research.
Single honours students will complete their programme of study with cognate modules from the Sociology and Social Policy schemes. Joint honours students will focus their remaining modules on those required by their partner subject.

In Years Two and Three, the three themes that were introduced in the first year – learning over the life cycle, education policies and their impact, teaching, learning and the organisation of education – are all developed in more detail. There are core modules in research methods and the ‘Sociology of Education’ but students are also able to choose from a selection of modules that provide in-depth instruction in the research interests of academic staff. These currently include issues and topics such as:

(Please note that the following modules are indicative, and subject to annual review and revision.)

  • Human Development
  • Children and Childhood
  • Gender Relations and Society
  • Conflict and Change in Educational Policy
  • Equality and Diversity in Education and Work
  • Current Debates in Social Psychology
  • Individual Differences and Personhood
  • Advanced Social Psychology
  • Learning, Biology and Cognition
  • Self, Identity and Culture
  • Reflections on Teaching and Learning Practice, Theory and Experience
  • Policy and Practice in Contemporary Education

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