Criminology (BSc)

Cardiff University
United Kingdom
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
3 years
Total tuition fee (local)
USD 34,866
Total tuition fee (foreign)
USD 67,794

Entry Requirements

  • A-level: AAB, excluding General Studies.
  • WBQ: Pass in the core, with grades AA at A-level.
  • Int Bacc: 34 points.


In Year One, all students, except those taking an LLB with Law, take three core modules:

  • Foundations of Contemporary Criminology: this introduces the key features of contemporary criminology as a distinct field of study within the social sciences.
  • Key Ideas in Social Science: this traces the origins of social scientific theories and introduces the work of key thinkers in a range of social science disciplines.
  • Introduction to Social Science Research: an introduction to the principles and skills that underpin social science research.

Single honours students will complete their programme of study with cognate modules from the Education, Social Policy and Sociology schemes. Joint honours students will focus their remaining modules on those required by their partner subject.

In Years Two and Three, students build upon the foundations of their first year and develop more sophisticated understandings of the relationships between offenders and victims and between crime and its control through formal and informal mechanisms. This critical engagement with academic research and policy is enabled by the study of theoretical and empirical work dealing with contemporary issues of crime and disorder in the UK and across the globe. These more specialist modules draw extensively on the research interests and expertise of Cardiff staff and currently include:

  • Offending and Victimisation
  • Crime Control, Regulation and Policing
  • Offender Management
  • Criminological Practice and Theory
  • Diversity, Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Online and Virtual Crime
  • Organised and White Collar Crimes
  • Prisons and Community Sanctions
  • Terrorism and Crime in a Global Era

In addition, final year students have the opportunity to undertake dissertation project in which they will be able to design and conduct a small scale research project under the supervision of a member of academic staff. If you are enrolled on the single honours Criminology scheme, then the dissertation is compulsory.

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