A-Level Sociology

Bournville College (merged with South & City College Birmingham)
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Foundation / Pre-U / A-level
Study mode
2 years
Total tuition fee (local)
USD 2,324
Total tuition fee (foreign)
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Entry Requirements

  • The entry requirement for Sociology A Level is 6 GCSEs, at Grade C or above.  Applicants must have a minimum of Grade C in English Language at GCSE.  Students who have already attempted A Levels and failed will be reviewed in line with college funding policy.


The Families and Households module will analyse how the family has changed and developed over time and space.  Students will examine the social construction of childhood, the influence of culture on family structures, changing patterns of marriage, cohabitation, separation, divorce and explore the diversity of contemporary family life.

The Education with Methods in Context module analyses the different roles and functions of the education system in the UK. The students will critically examine various theoretical approaches that attempt to explain how differences in social class, gender and ethnicity influence educational attainment. Students will also analyse various qualitative and quantitative sociological research methods. This will include the use of controlled experiments, questionnaires, interviews, observation and ethnographic techniques.

In the Beliefs in Society module students will explore the role and function that religion has for individuals and groups in society. Students will examine the impact that religion has on organising social norms and values, and assess how changes in society influence religious beliefs. This module also analyses religious ideology and the various forms that religion takes, which includes mainstream religious practices and those of sects and cults.

In the Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods module, students will analyse the causes of crime and deviance in society and the different ways in which they are explained by sociologists. Students will examine patterns of crime and their disparities in relation to age, social class, ethnicity, gender and the environment.  The relationship between theory and sociological methods will also be explored, alongside some of the practical and ethical considerations influencing sociological research.

Assessment is by AQA examination only.  There are two ninety minute exams at AS level, consisting of two papers.  Each exam is worth 50% of the AS level qualification.  Successful completion of both exams will provide students with their overall AS grade.  The AS exams and grade are separate from A Level and are not transferrable.  The exams will take place in either May or June.

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