2 years
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Tuition fee (entire course)
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USD 4,509
GBP 3,200
Foreign students
USD 4,509
GBP 3,200
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About this course

This course develops your knowledge and skills across a range of electronic and electrical technologies that are essential to businesses in maintaining a competitive position in the global marketplace. The course also prioritises key transferable skills that are desired by employers. There is an individual project component in the second year, and this provides you with the opportunity to develop and apply your knowledge, practical ability and design skills.

Entry Requirements

  •  80 points from Advanced GCE (A2, AS) including an AS Level pass in either Mathematics, Science, Electronics or Computing
  •  80 points from Vocational A level(s) in Engineering, Manufacturing or Science
  •  Appropriate BTEC National Diploma or Certificate in Technology or Engineering
  •  BTEC Ordinary National Certificate or Diploma in Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  •  Equivalent or relevant GNVQs