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Bellerbys College London, London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom


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About Bellerbys College London

The UK’s No. 1 choice for international students. More international students choose to study at Bellerbys College than any other college or school in the UK. We have over 55 years’ experience in successfully preparing international students for progression to top UK universities by delivering consistently excellent academic results. 

Bellerbys London is a specialist centre for business, entrepreneurial and academic excellence. Located in one of the world’s greatest business capitals, we attract students who are seriously considering careers within a wide range of business-related subjects, creating a truly vibrant and inspiring learning environment. 

We offer international students 1 Year GCSE, A-Level, Foundation, Undergraduate Year 1 and Pre-Masters  programmes, all of which are taught by our team of highly qualified and specialist teachers: these subject experts also have real-world commercial and business experience.

At Bellerbys education is not just about what happens in the classroom. Our enrichment programme provides specialist activities and experience that really bring subjects alive to develop key skills that are highly sought after by top universities. The college and teachers have strong university links and partner with key institutions including the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange to offer specialist lectures and visits to deepen subject knowledge and provide valuable and enjoyable experiences outside of the standard curriculum.  

Bellerbys London offers a career-focused modern education with the city and college offering many opportunities to gain experience beyond what you learn in the class room. Studying here will help you to develop a passion for your subject and provide the first step to progressing to a top business school. 

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