1 year
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USD 7,102
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About this course

This full-time creative qualification is designed to develop your personal identity through the exploration of a wide range of ideas, techniques and materials within 3D design. You will be able to self-direct your personal interests towards the use of clay, glass, metal, plastic and wood to establish skills and knowledge for jewellery design, product design, furniture design, interior design and ceramic design. The course will focus on building both specialist and multi-disciplinary skills, as well as introducing you to a range of contemporary designers and makers.

You will study core and specialist units, with the emphasis on building a creative portfolio that can be used to develop workshop and design skills, as a vehicle for gaining work with a range of prospective employers, or as a possible basis for gaining entrance to a final year on a degree programme. During the course you will be encouraged to develop a highly-individual, ideas-based portfolio, pursuing your specialist interests from theory to materials and techniques. You will engage regularly with ‘live projects’ and talks, and an impressive track record of engaging with commissions and working with established designers and craftspeople.

Entry Requirements

To begin this course you will need a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, or a National Diploma in an Art & Design subject, or an equivalent Level 3 qualification, or relevant professional experience. Applicants from A-Level programmes displaying high levels of creativity will also be considered, as will mature students, who will be considered individually on experience rather than qualifications. Entry will also be subject to a successful interview, where you will be asked to present a portfolio of your creative work, including sketchbooks.