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National Cheng Kung University

Tainan City, Taiwan (ROC)

Student review

Anonymous reviewer

3 years, 10 months ago
What are the students like? As the scholarship quota increases, the amount of international Master students in NCKU are also increasing as well. This is meant to balance the proportion between local vs. international students who are studying in NCKU. Nearly all students who are studying in NCKU are capable in academical performance, social experiences, and so on, since NCKU has special affinity for people who are both excellent in academical performance and have good name in their society. As far as I know, the most favorite study program in NCKU are every engineering-based study programs, and there are also future students who are interested in taking science-based programs such as Earth Sciences. Students who are studying in NCKU can speak either English or Mandarin. Regarding students' research (for any Master programs), you should bear in mind that the process of submitting thesis proposal is difficult. Every time a future student attempt to go forward on the next chapters, there are always tons of revisions and references. In some cases, future students might also get a reminder e-mail from their academic supervisor to quickly submit the proposal, even though they might not finished yet. Future students are also expected to really master their chosen research topic, else, they might defer their study period. What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. NCKU has joined partnerships with several non-profit organisations around the world. For example, in these days, I have seen in AIESEC's website on Early Childhood Education-related programs that are held by NCKU and involved NCKU students, international volunteers, and AIESEC itself (that is a part of the United Nations/UN). More interestingly, those programs are not only held in Tainan, a country where NCKU is located, but also in every area of Taiwan. With a joint partnership involving NCKU students with internationally-registered volunteers via AIESEC, it's not surprising that NCKU students will have more connections outside campus for every social activities that they participate in. In campus, as many other internationally-scaled universities have done, NCKU also has a lengthy choice of student body associations based on their countries. In these associations, senior-year students will mentor junior-year students. Pretty similar to Easyuni's Student Ambassador program, students can also share their thoughts about NCKU via NCKU United International Student Alliance. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? NCKU is one of the universities that you should consider upon, especially if you want to take any engineering or science-related subjects or Earth Sciences (Geography/Geology). Please keep in mind that admission in NCKU is merit-based, which means the admission staffs will really check on your academic performances and social experiences' track records, so that you should prepare those in advance. Learning Mandarin/Chinese is also important since there are professors who can't speak any other languages than Mandarin. You should also prepare both of your research topic and proposal, and don't be late on submitting proposal and other supporting documents so that you won't defer your study. If you defer your study, you will experience more difficulty in starting up again. Just a sweet closing, don't forget to go to street food markets around the campus. The street snacks are incredibly affordable and will definitely be student-friendly.

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