2 years
Aug Feb
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 3,004
CHF 3,000
Foreign students
USD 3,004
CHF 3,000
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About this course

The master's study program in World Arts enables the combined study of the artistic forms of expression and media of different cultures within the joint framework of Cultural Studies. In order to take research across subject, geographical or aesthetic boundaries, there is an orientation towards methods in Cultural Studies.

Traditional subjects often stress a classic work canon, particularly in the context of Western culture.  In contrast, students following the World Arts program investigate the relationship between these canons and the forms previously excluded, such as for example popular, traditional and non-Western art.

The program has also been developed to question and break down geographical, technical methodological and also historical barriers constructed by the individual disciplines.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree from a recognized university in one of the following branches of study:
    • Art History
    • Musicology
    • Theater, Dance and Film Studies
  • Bachelor's degree from a recognized university in a different subject, provided additional coursework worth a maximum of 60 ECTS credits is completed as one of the requirements for successfully completing the master's program.
  • All admission requirements which must be completed prior to the program of study must be satisfied before a student can be admitted to the master's program. Admission requirements which can be completed during the program of study must be satisfied before the master's degree program is completed. 

Language requirements

  • Students are required to have a good to excellent knowledge of English and German.
  • Students with insufficient language skills must acquire these as part of their extracurricular studies during the master's degree program.